The last year or so has been interesting to say the least, with many changes, stresses and celebrations throughout. I wonder if the following is something any other musicians can relate to- that with pressure of trying to achieve something- to get somewhere and be someone, I start to lose sight of why I make music in the first place. I forget that I love making it, recording it and sharing it and all that other stuff comes second.

For roughly 8 years now I've been working within these frustrating parameters whereby when releasing music you have to consider stylistic variation between tracks and consider carefully the order in which they go in a track list. Furthermore, I have always been told to be extremely cautious about what I put out and when. In some cases then of course this can be great advice, but personally I find it frustrating. Waiting so long between making the music and putting it out means that I'm already itching to move on to the next thing by the time it it released. Or sometimes I have a track that I love, but it just doesn't go with the others and so simply falls onto my pile of “potential future b-sides”... In other words, they won't get heard.

I am privilaged enough to have a roof over my head and food on the table, so I wonder if there is really any reason why I can't work exactly the way that I want to, with as little compromise as possible. I want to find joy once again in simply creating for the sake of creating.

I am about to begin a series of work entitled “A Year As Myself”, in which each month I will release a song. It might be a new song written that month, or it could be an old one I've had up my sleeve for some time, either because it feels appropriate, or- such is life- one month may get crazy and I just won't have time to write something. This doesn't worry me, and will simply shape the narrative of the series.

On the third Friday of every month I will put out a song. By July next year I will have effectively produced a 12 song album with a predetermined order.

Consider this a friendly invitation to drop in and out, ignore or follow my releases across the whole 12 months.

I have no idea how this will go.

Catherine Okada