February | Tell It Again


I wrote this song this week and when I came to record it I found it such a struggle. Something about it just didn't feel right, so eventually I listened back to the rough recording I took on my phone and it instantly sounded as I felt it should.

So I went on to try to re-create that sound- the reason being that in the phone recording my throat is croaky, I'm a little pitchy and I stumble over the words, I have even altered some lyrics since. However, I still couldn't achieve what I wanted in the time I had and the subsequent recordings just didn't feel the same, they were slow or unnatural in some other way.

This one reminds me of a lot of my recordings from when I was a teenager with no recording gear other than the inbuilt mic on my old laptop.

I may regret putting this out but here is my February song warts and all, recorded when I thought no one else would hear it but me.

Image by  Emilia Buggins
Catherine Okada