March | Night Bus


This month's release is more of a sort of re-release. 'Night Bus' had been brought back to my attention recently by a few different people, coincidentally. With the song I was intending for this month not quite finished, it seems like a nice little salute to them to put Night Bus out today.

I wrote this song probably pushing 10 years ago now and unfortunately never ended up officially releasing it. I also found the beautiful  illustrations my brother Richard did for what would have been the vinyl cover, which in my opinion are too good not to be seen, hence this image is a mini-break from the style of imagery that had been accompanying my tunes so far.

Also in digging around for the Night Bus illustrations on my old laptop, I came across a whole load of other material from around that time which is sitting around unheard which has given me a little inspiration for project to follow this one.

I really love this song, I hope you like it too.

Image by Richard Yutaka Humphris

Image by Richard Yutaka Humphris

Catherine Okada