November | Driftwood


I wrote Driftwood about 6 years or so ago and there have been several versions of it since then, none of which I have ever released. It was never my intention to release it now as I was determined not to put out two quiet, intense songs back to back (both strangely containing an element of water). But this month was hectic. I was ill, I was busy, I wrote another song which I didn't particularly like and I ran out of time.

In spite of myself do feel frustrated that I wasn't able to produce a brand new song that I was happy with this month but I have to remind myself that this was the whole point of the project- that it will be what it will be and sometimes I won’t pull off what I was intending. I’m grateful that I have a back catalogue to dip into in this case. I wanted to only do so when it felt ‘appropriate’, but then I guess necessity made it appropriate this time.

It is actually a song I am particularly fond of, with a sinister story behind it that you may hear if you ever come to a gig of mine. A theme that Emilia Buggins has both consciously and unconsciously portrayed excellently in her image this month. The other voice you can hear is of course the super talented Donna. Thanks also to Shuta- solid as always.

Image by  Emilia Buggins .

Image by Emilia Buggins.

Catherine Okada