October | Fallout


This song came about quite unusually for me. A couple of weeks ago I was quite under the weather and just started lazily singing some improvised lines into my phone and listened back and found I basically had a song. So I sang it into my trusty Rode NT1a almost exactly as it was. I tried to record to a click but it felt too rigid and unnatural so I went without. Then I wrapped some synth around it. Mikee came along and laid down the live violin which really brought it to life.

This is possibly the first time I have written the whole vocal melody and lyrics first and then worked everything else around it. It makes me think of Gavin Bryars' "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" in that sense, though if I’m honest that wasn’t the inspiration. Initially I wondered if I could get away with it as an A capella piece but succumbed to some chords. It is a short one which feels a little like an interlude, but this month has felt a little like an interlude if I think about it. I was starting to wonder whether I would get a track out at all, but here it is.

Image by  Emilia Buggins
Catherine Okada